Grants & Contracts Administrator

Beth Roemhildt

Beth Roemhildt

As the Contract and Grants Administrator, Beth Roemhildt analyzes and evaluates client proposals and agreements to ensure they meet established requirements. Additionally, she tracks the status of client contracts, as well as state and federal grants from initiation stage to completion. Preparing and maintaining all contract documents, Roemhildt submits progress and final reports and invoices as required by each grantee.

Roemhildt studied at Martin Luther College and worked at Brown Printing Company in Waseca, Minn., for nearly 30 years as a Customer Inventory Coordinator, maintaining contractual records, coordinating usage of the customer’s inventory and submitting reports to many large publishers worldwide. She also served as a PSE Sales & Services/Distribution Associate at the St. Peter, Minn., Post Office for 2 years.

Roemhildt has been with AMS for 5 years and works with all AMS clients.

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