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Specializing in Agriculture

Executive Management/Board Governance

Executive Management/Board Governance

At AMS, we specialize in association management, especially when it comes to agriculture. Our team is uniquely qualified to staff associations with an executive director or qualified program manager.

Board management can be complex — we’ll take the confusion out of it and help with managing your board of directors, board and annual meetings, creating by-laws, navigating state and federal regulations and developing program services and executing on those services.

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Administrative Services

Our dedicated team of administrative assistants are the glue that holds organizations together. From answering phones to complicated mailings, there is no office task our administrative team can’t handled.

• Answering Phones
• Monitoring General Emails
• Mailing Support
• Meeting Preparation
• Note Taking
• Database Upkeep
• General Office Needs

Accounting & Compliance

Our staff is very familiar with everything from basic daily accounting to fully preparing audit ready financial statement, federal and state tax filings and many other accounting and finance tasks.

• Accounts Receivable/Payable/Streamlined Accounts
• Balance Sheet Reconciliation
• General Ledger Review
• Financial Statement Preparation and Presentation
• Financial Audit and Tax Preparation
• Annual Budgeting
• Grant Tracking/Compliance

Adding Value

Technical Experts

Technical Experts

Adding value to members and stakeholders means having the experts available to navigate, innovate and inspire. AMS provides a wealth of expert resources across a wide range of disciplines.

  • Research
  • Agronomy
  • International Trade Barriers
  • Trade Agreements
  • Environmental Regulations and Law
  • Government Policies and Regulations

Membership Services

Recruiting and retaining members means being present. AMS specializes in growing a community your stakeholders will want to join.

Working closely with the AMS marketing team, we’ll work to grow your organizations reach in the industry, and we’ll provide some key services along the way.

  • Document Creation
  • Database Maintenance
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention
  • Member Relations

Domestic & International

Sales & Events

Sales & Events

From domestic to international events, our AMS team loves a good conference, trade show or media event. We have experience with large and small conferences, educational meetings, trade shows, exhibit inspiration and more.

Take a look at some of our events and exhibits:

And for every good event, someone to help raise funds is critical to the process, especially for small associations and organizations. AMS can deploy its team to drive down costs or increase profits for your event.

Marketing Communications

AMS has a national, award-winning team. We inspire our client’s to be the hero of their story.

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