Chief Financial Officer

Scott Miller

Scott Miller

Scott combines his passion for numbers and strategy to oversee organizational and client financial direction including accounting, tax, external audit and information technology. Prior to this role, Scott worked as the controller for the Swine Vet Center, private veterinary firm located in Southern Minnesota and was the Finance and Compliance Manger for the Minnesota Research & Promotion Council and the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association. Over his career, Scott has worked with a wide variety of organizations from non-profits to start-ups to well established companies. Scott has been a cornerstone in establishing Ag Management Solution’s client portfolio and aligning financial goals with strategic outcomes. He graduated from Bethany Lutheran College with a BS degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance. He is also served as a school board member since 2017. Scott and his wife, Laura, have four children, Emmy, Owen, Kade and Reed.

Fun Scott fact: Scott is a connoisseur of fine cigars. He also shares a birthday with Snoop Dogg, but isn’t a connoisseur of Snoop’s cigars.

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