Sr. Director of Technical Operations

Seg Niebuhr

Seg Niebuhr

Seg is a civil engineer by education and a process engineer by experience. Seg’s civil engineering experience includes structural concrete and steel design, site development, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation processes and systems.  His processing experience began as a facility engineer at a major soybean processing and edible oil refining facility.  Further experience includes propane terminal design and operations, safety systems designer, and biodiesel process design, construction, operation, evaluation and improvement. Seg has been a consultant since 2003 and formed Industrial Process and Management Consultants, LLC – a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company – in 2010. Seg’s office is located in Erie, Penn., but he has performed work in the majority of the United States as well as Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Fun Seg fact: Seg is an avid soccer fan and still plays twice a week in a recreational league.

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